Mumapalooza by Sarina Dickson

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Treasured mums, queen mums, and all the in-between mums!



What kind of Mum do you have? Celebrate them all in this ridiculously fun, rhyming picture book from Sarina Dickson, with humourous search-and-find style illustrations from award-winning artist Ant Sang.



A perfect book for everyday reading and gift-giving.



'I'm a lot of the different mums in this book. - Laura McGoldrick, The Hits FM



Praise for Mumapalooza:



'The eat your greens mum was the best, because my mum makes me eat my greens too, but I like them when it is broccoli covered in cheese... I liked the book and my mum would like it too because it is about mums and mums are AMAZING!' - Cypress, age 7



'I liked this book because it shows how important all the mums are. My mum is like the nerd mum, she has so much knowledge in her brain. My mum would like this book, she likes books about reality and this felt really real. She would love the pictures too. She would laugh at it I think!' - Lukas, age 8



'I liked the nerd mum; when I'm at high school she could help me with my homework! My mum is the crazy mum though, she embarrasses me in public when she calls me nicknames. I wouldn't want another mum though, my mum is the best... I wouldn't feel the same about anyone else.' - Sai-Aroha, age 9



'This book is the best, it has ALL the types of mums! I liked the hug and kiss mum best, because that's like my mum... she has all the hugs and kisses for me. I want my mum to read this book, she would love it because it is all about mums.' - Logan, age 7



'My students loved this book - they recognised their own mums in it for sure! It has a lovely rhythm that makes it a treat to read out loud and to listen to, a fabulous book for anyone who has a mum or is a mum.' - Mel, Teacher