My EPIC Dad! Takes Us Fishing

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Age range 3+

A LAUGH-OUT-LOUD NEW SERIES BY DANI VEE - The second book in the series will split your gills!

Things don't always go to plan when this dad is around, but one thing is for sure - he never gives up and he always has fun (well, mostly!)

A book for the whole family to enjoy while going on their own adventures!

Despite the best of intentions, this dad seems to have the worst luck! But with the right attitude and fully stocked first aid kit, things always have a way of working out!

How will dad survive fishing when there's sharks, electric eels and crocs tearing at his jocks?! One thing we do guarantee is 100% fun!

This book is big on resilience, adventure, family, trying new things, optimism and laughs!

We can only imagine what dad will get up to next...