My First Emergency on the Ferry by Amie Cawood

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<p>My First Emergency on the Ferry is about a young boy who has&nbsp;trouble breathing and his dad calls the ambulance. Read along to&nbsp;find out what happens when Ambo Kookie comes to help!</p> <p>My First Emergency is a new fun and engaging childrens book series where the ambulance, fire brigade and police come to help. Created by a Brisbane paramedic, the books tell stories of kids experiencing their first emergency with situations children can relate to that teach them important things to learn about an emergency. Targeting early childhood, kids can learn what happens and what to do in an emergency, with a discussion page as a perfect way to start conversations that teach children important things to know and practise in an emergency, like the emergency number to call. The books feature cute Australian&nbsp;native animals as the first responders - Ambo Kookie a Kookaburra, Fireman Rooey a Kangaroo and Police Officer Emy an Emu making reading and learning an important topic fun.</p>