On Your Own Two Feet

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The Essential Guide to Financial Independence for all Women
Most women know, or have found out, that financial security is the key to living an independent, safe and fulfilling life. Yet women still lack the knowledge and confidence needed to take charge of their own financial future. This book will change that.

Helen Baker is one of Australia’s most credentialled and qualified financial advisers, and has worked directly with women to address their financial needs for nearly 15 years. She is uniquely placed to advise with experience and awareness how women’s ages and life events have lasting effects on their financial security.

Helen knows how women flourish with control and certainty over their lives. She wants women to plan for all stages in life and not react only when adversity hits.

Her financial advice covers every aspect of a woman’s life – from the starting-out years, through solo living, marriage, motherhood, divorce, aged care, bereavement and retirement. And she provides expert guidance on all areas of financial planning: foundations, home ownership, salaries and superannuation, credit cards, mortgages and pay later schemes.

So whatever life has in store for you as a woman, Helen’s financial advice is here to help you plan for the best life you can.