Our Sweet Kitchen - Cakes with an Asian Flair

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A labour of love and transcontinental collaboration between two good friends, 'Our Sweet Kitchen' gathers 50 classic cake recipes from cupcakes to pound cakes - all brought to you from the comforts of their home kitchens.

Together, this dynamic baking duo takes on iconic bakes, incorporating exotic spices and tropical fruits to create treats that are comforting and indulgent with just a touch of the East. The idea of writing a book like this one came to each individually before they met and became friends through their blogs: an idea to put together a record of sweet recipes that they had come to cherish over the years. They hope to inspire women like themselves, busy women without the benefit of generations of inherited baking wisdom, to roll up their sleeves and start baking simple and delicious treats.

The philosophy behind the recipes included in' Our Sweet Kitchen' is "simple with style". There is a deep respect for natural ingredients, with inspiration gleaned from seasonal and local produce. All the recipes in this book use natural ingredients, skipping colourings and flavourings in favour of the real deal.


Chi Ahn was born and raised in different parts of the world (from Germany to Taiwan to Singapore), before returning to her Hanoi hometown in 2010. Chi Anh turned her dream into reality when she left her corporate job to open Kitchen Art Store & Studio in Hanoi in late 2011, to supply high quality kitchenware to homes and restaurant kitchens, while promoting healthy home-cooking and baking through Kitchen Art website, videos and cooking classes. KAfe - her first restaurant cafe in Hanoi, is one of the most popular. She also appears regularly on TV and in Magazines spearheading a new global food lifestyle in Vietnam. When not working or cooking, Chi Anh still blogs on www.door2mykitchen.com or writes food columns for local publications.

Born and raised in Hanoi, Hoang Anh is now based in Melbourne, Australia. A self-taught baker and cook, she was one of the originators of the Melbourne food blogging scene since 2007. Her English blog, www.anhsfoodblog.com is regularly featured in the top Australian food blogs. She is also the author of a popular Vietnamese food blog and Facebook community at www.lanvaobep.org.Hoang Anh also writes an exclusive monthly food column for a Vietnamese lifestyle magazine, showcasing her latest food creations and her unique eye for food photography. Her photos have also been featured in exhibitions in Australia.