Out of the Box

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Three women, three voices, three generations: the Silbery family share their most personal memories and the lessons they've learned.

You know them as Isabelle, Kerry and Emmie Silbery from Foxtel's and Channel 10's series Gogglebox, in which they share their thoughts on the week's TV highlights, and also show what a supportive and loving family they are. In Out of the Box, these strong, independent women open up like never before, sharing intensely personal stories and considered opinions on the female experience - which has changed enormously during their lifetimes. Motherhood, infidelity, grief, money, feminism, body hair ... no topic is off limits. This book will inspire mothers and daughters to start talking and sharing, and having those conversations that will bring them closer together.

Diving deep beneath the surface we see on our screens, this memoir is equal parts moving, hilarious and devastating, as Isabelle, Kerry and Emmie reveal personal moments in their lives like never before. Private struggles, family heartache and plenty of sex, there is much more to the Silberys than meets the eye. Through it all, we get a greater sense of just how close and connected these mothers and daughters are. Like any family, they don't see eye-to-eye on everything but, no matter what, their love for each other always triumphs.