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How to drink wine and the rest, the P&V way

The Knowledge
Is it possible to become an iconic Sydney institution in just three short years? With P&V, the answer is a definite YES. Since throwing open its Inner West doors on the Enmore Road in 2017, this booze emporium/community incubator curio has been keeping the neighbourhood (and beyond) happily watered with all things natural, small batch and local, while also quietly going about their business of breaking the boundaries of wine and liquor retail. It’s no surprise, really, given the pedigree of all involved – these guys sure as hell know their way around a bottle. Here they share all that crazy knowledge with you, taking things right back to basics and starting with the What Wine’s What fundamentals before zeroing in on the producers and bottles that really get them going, as well as the food they like to enjoy their pours with (after all, the drink’s only half the picture, right?). One day, every bottle-o just might be this awesome. Until then, P&V stands alone, proud and chock-full of winey wisdom. It’s time to get your fill.