Peppermint Magazine Issue 60

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Splash into summer with the Peppermint Bronte Bathers (included as a print-out!)

Making peace with our bodies through life drawing

Say g’day to cover artist Luke John Matthew Arnold

Gaze into fashion’s future with Clare Press 

One man’s mission to save the sea lion

A lifetime of twists, turns and lessons learned

What are we talking about when we talk about wealth?

Behind the work of Ethical Clothing Australia

A beginner’s guide to food and wine pairing 

Dear reader, love from your psychologist

Carly Findlay rewrites disability representation

Wakame hunting with Southern Seagreens

Get stitchy with our summery DIY challenge

Fabric dreams do come true at Weft and Warp

Breast in show: a brief history of the bra

The Pink Ladies of Pinky’s

Kon Karapanagiotidis invites you to take a seat