Peter and the Wolf

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Relive the magic of Peter and the Wolf through this extraordinary modern retelling

An incredible retelling of the well-loved classic story Peter and the Wolf - with a twist. Enter the fairytale world first created by Sergei Prokofiev and now re-imagined into an enchanting graphic masterpiece of love and loss by award-winning musicians, Gavin Friday and Bono.

"Gavin's retelling of the classic Peter and the Wolf story is as original as he is...sometimes a story like this can sneak into your heart and never leave. To see some of my illustrations evolve in this reimagining is a thrill." - Bono

When a wolf is found roaming the woods, Peter's grandfather warns him to stay at home. But Peter, who is mourning the loss of a parent, decides to venture into the deep, dark woods in search of this creature.

In Prokofiev's original tale, Peter outsmarts the big, bad wolf, capturing him, and parading him victoriously around the town with the hunters. But this is not our ending and nothing is the way it seems...

This extraordinary retelling echoes the message of courage that is so central to the famous classic, while gently introducing themes of loss, grief, and growing up, helping young readers navigate them. With its spellbinding punk rock illustrations, this book is a beautiful reminder that there is hope after loss and those we love most are never truly gone.

A timeless and magical gift book, Peter and the Wolf is a book to be treasured by all.