Photorealistic Colored Pencil Drawing Techniques

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Learn how to create photorealistic colored pencil drawings that are convincing enough to fool the eye!

This book shows you how to make incredibly realistic colored pencil drawings in 10 easy step-by-step lessons. Follow along as author Cocomaru explains how to depict highlights, shadows and refractions, how to render photorealistic textures, and how to create a sense of depth in your drawings that makes them appear truly real!

Photorealistic Colored Pencil Drawing Techniques provides all the information needed to get you started — which materials to get, how to set up your workspace, how to prepare the underdrawings, and all of Cocomaru's trademark techniques on how to achieve maximum realism!

Learn to draw objects with sparkling realism, for example:

  • A sliced orange with juicy, mouthwatering sections
  • A glossy blue marble with a beautiful light refraction
  • A kinetically sloshing glass of red wine
  • An adorably fluffy cat and a sweet-looking corgi
  • And much more!

You'll begin with simple drawings and progress to more advanced ones as you learn all the amazing techniques for creating photorealistic colored pencil drawings!