Please Don't Feed the Bears

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Please Don't Feed The Bears provides a range of tasty and simple animal-free dishes. The collection finally makes available three issues of a long-obscure fanzine originally published in the mid 1990s.

Here you'll find incredible recipes for stews, soups, sauces, noodle and bean dishes, baked entrees, deserts and more! There is also a fair smattering of new material bringing this to a whopping 160 pages of deliciousness!

These recipes are written to be simple, straightforward, and perfect for the newest convert to the vegan revolution! But far from bring just a vegan cookbook, Please Don't Feed The Bears reads as a look into vegan lifestyle and underground culture.

The book is thoroughly illustrated with eye-catching drawings and graphics and includes assorted rantings about music and the politics of leading a vegan lifestyle.

Easy-to-make and delectable recipes go great with the DIY punk rock sensibility of zine culture.