Pocket Size Origami Fun Kit

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Bring the folding fun with you wherever you go!

This adorable, pocket size kit features 7 models that are perfect for origami beginners. Don't let its small size fool you-Pocket Size Origami Fun Kit comes complete with everything you need to get started:

A full-color instruction booklet with an introduction to folding techniques

Simple step-by-step instructions

12 sheets of colorfully-patterned, single-sided folding paper

The origami projects included in this kit are:

Blow-up Cube "Balloon"-an impressive cubical form that looks more difficult to fold than it actually is...a puff of air makes it inflate!

Jumping Frog-a delightfully playful action model, just press its back and watch it spring

Classic Crane-the model you see everywhere: in movies, ads and on television...now you can add it to your repertoire!

Butterfly-a charmingly realistic model that will add a touch of elegance to any gift, desktop or wall

Masu Box-a classic functional model that can be used to store small items. Fold up two and use the second one as a lid

Spinning Pinwheel-create a whirling pinwheel that can rotate with the breeze at the end of a dowel or pencil

Fur Seal-author Michael G. LaFosse is famous for his lifelike wildlife models, and this handsome paper seal is no exception