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Incredibly simple, delicious recipes that encourage healthy ageing and boost immunity, based on Manju Malhi's popular Open Age cookery classes.

Whatever your age, it is beyond doubt that an active lifestyle and eating a balanced diet is an important part of maintaining good health. It helps to reduces risk of disease, infection and other illnesses. But, above all, it can help you feel your best.

As we get older, many of us find our appetite shrinks because our energy output lessens. However, our fundamental needs haven't changed. Even if you have a smaller appetite and require fewer calories, your body still needs the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients to sustain you.

Manju Malhi wants to inspire people of all ages to enjoy the time they spend in the kitchen and view cooking as a joy instead of a chore, and she has been awarded the British Empire Medal for her work with Open Age. The Seasoned Foodie is a collection of dishes that are easy to follow and will satisfy both your dietary needs and your love of good food, however young you feel. Inside you will find simple, tasty recipes that pack maximum nutrition, such as:

- Scandi-style Salmon with Pickled Potatoes
- Herby Pumpkin Soup
- Brazilian Black Beans
- Jerk Jambalaya
- Oat and Ginger Cookies

This collection of delicious recipes that encourage healthy ageing and boost immunity make you fall in love with the kitchen again.