Sketching Perspective

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Perspective is key to visualizing a space and communicating an idea to others. This book explains how to tackle perspective with hand sketching - how to turn a 3D scene into a 2D drawing successfully. Written for a wide range of professionals from architects to set designers, engineers to interior designers, it explains the principles of perspective clearly and how to communicate a vision successfully.

Topics covered include: materials and equipment, specifically with drawing on location in mind; observational drawing using the body, arms and hands to help understand the spaces being drawn; perspective constructions for one and two vanishing points for interior and exterior drawings; panoramic views and aerial perspective - how to approach drawing a crowded scene/location; adding detail - whether creating atmosphere and expression, or adding figures for scale and finally, advice is given on drawing imaginatively and how to visualize your thoughts confidently. It is fully illustrated with examples of how to draw perspective in the urban and natural landscape.