Smoky No Ordinary War Dog

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Smoky was born in Brisbane, Australia.

Her special blanket, featured in the illustrations, was made by Red Cross ladies in Townsville. Smoky also has a memorial statue outside the Royal Brisbane Hospital. Red Cross worker volunteers in Townsville made Smoky's War blanket out of a card table cover. It has traveled from Australia to Korea in WWII , stationed along the way while in 18 months of combat zones. Smoky flew 12 combat Missions. Then blanket was sent to England twice ( London War Museum) seven months on exhibition of Animals of War. Smoky's work as a therapy dog continued for 12 years,during and after World War II.

There are six memorials dedicated to Smoky in the United States of America. Stringing communication wire was a major challenge. It would have taken three days to dig a new trench to lay the wires and would have exposed men and planes to enemy bombing. So, the troop's lineman wondered if Smoky could guide the wire. They tied a string to Smoky's collar and Wynne coaxed the four-pound terrier through the pipe. Smoky's special mission in the combat area of the Lingayen.