Special Operations Group

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Chris Glasl joined Victoria Police at nineteen, with one aim in mind: to become a member of the Special Operations Group. Ultra-fit and highly trained, the SOG are called to the most dangerous missions: hostage situations, gunmen on the loose and risky mobile intercepts. After going through an incredibly gruelling elimination process, Chris joined the SOG in 1994, thinking he was becoming part of a unit that was untouchable, indestructible and bonded so closely together they were a brotherhood like no other. He didn't find that brotherhood. Instead, Chris experienced a unit rife with bullying, lies and betrayal. In combination with the dangerous missions they undertook and the pressure he experienced with each one, Chris needed a release valve - and he found it by taking drugs. It was the only way to switch off the adrenalin, to sleep at night, to get through his days. And those days involved fatal shootings, a triple murder, a 100-million-dollar drug bust and the Port Arthur massacre, to name just a few. This is the ultimate insider account of what it takes to be one of the toughest police officers in the world - and the price it demands. It's a white-knuckle ride that you will never forget.