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Spice Apothecary guides cooks and health enthusiasts in using 19 common kitchen spices - from black pepper to turmeric, alone and in blends - to boost healing along with flavour. Spices are universally recognised as a source of flavour and aromatics, but in cultures around the world, these plant parts have a long history as source of medicine. In Spice Apothecary, author Bevin Clare combines her training in herbalism and nutrition to guide readers in a return to the kitchen spice cabinet for better health and healing. Focusing on 19 common culinary spices that are easy to source and prized for their flavour, this practical guide highlights the health benefits of each spice for supporting wellness goals, with information on the best preparation for medicinal benefit, storage recommendations, and daily dosage guidelines. To bolster the immune system, chili, garlic, ginger, and mustard are best. Kidney health is supported by celery seed, parsley, and sage, while the respiratory system benefits most from ginger, mint, and thyme. Formulas for dried spice blends that amplify the effectiveness of individual flowers, roots, leaves, and seeds accompany recipes for delicious dips, soups, sauces, and even sweets that deliver flavour and healing. This approachable exploration of the world of spices puts at everyone's fingertips new creative and impactful ways to incorporate key health-boosting spices into everyday life. AUTHOR: Bevin Clare is a clinical herbalist, licensed nutritionist, professor of clinical herbalism at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, and the president of the American Herbalists Guild. She has studied herbal medicine around the world and travels globally to teach about herbal medicine and nutrition. She finds spices to be central to the food and medicine practices of her family, with whom she lives in Maryland. SELLING POINTS: By understanding the health-promoting properties of culinary spices, cooks can add wellness benefits, along with flavour, to every meal. Focuses on the 19 most effective and widely available spices. Drawing on clinical research and her own background in nutrition, author Bevin Clare has selected spices that have proven health benefits, and gives specific recommendations for how much of a spice to use and how to combine spices for maximum efficacy. Features spice blend recipes for special uses. Readers learn how to make customised spice blends for addressing specific wellness needs, including cardiovascular support, calming anxiety, promoting kidney health, protecting joints, and more.