Squiggly Line

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A Squiggly Line is a story about the pursuit of one's dream, similar to the rules of taming the life we live. The boy in the story starts with a blank page...he doesn't know much about what he's about to draw, but he knows he has a grasp on how to make it happen. During the process, even though his drawing may seem squiggly and messy at first, he soon discovers surprises along the way-surprises that he never thought existed. And from that moment, his creation comes to play.

Told in a unique way full of play and creativity, the story will send a powerful message about the endless possibilities of having fun with one's imagination. It will help children to explore how they can turn a simple squiggly line into a playful idea.

A Squiggly Line is a fun and entertaining story about how life is very much the same as a squiggly line. Our squiggly line, our life, is shaped by the directions we take in our lives.

A Squiggly Line is a story about embracing life's journey and creating the life you want. It shares lessons for life. It offers great advice for anyone. It's a simple message about life and what it entails to sail on a pursuit of one's dreams. This story will appeal to children graduating, celebrating a milestone or mastering the first day of school. It's a great inspirational story to motivate children. Like the child in the story, we all have a life that yearns to be created!