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Whip, pound, grate, and grind your way to culinary catharsis with Steamed, a cheeky cookbook for when you need to get dinner and your feelings on the table.

Where can a person express frustration, existential crisis, fleeting sadness, and consuming rage, perhaps all at the same time, without drawing attention to themself? Where is taking your feelings out with mallets, knives, grinders, and graters not just allowed but encouraged? The kitchen, of course! And in Steamed acclaimed food writers Rachel Levin and Tara Duggan offer readers 50 funny, feisty, and full-flavored dishes to unleash that sweet culinary catharsis.

Tired parents, stressed worker-bees, and newly-minted adults alike will find recipes for those inevitable moments when you're tired and need to let it all out. Recipes like "Pounded Chicken Parmesan," "Ripped Bread Salad," and "Feeling Sad French Onion Soup" are the perfect outlet for dealing with day-to-day indignities, while soothing kitchen projects like "Braided Challah" and "It'll-All-Be-Okay Chicory and Cannellini Beans" provide a moment of calm in a cuckoo world. Playful sidebars, including "Beat It All Out: When You Just Want to Whisk Like a Wild Woman," teach technique and channel all those feelings into something utterly delicious. For anyone looking for stress eating's more constructive cousin, Steamed and catharsis cooking are here to lend a helping hand, or cleaver.