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The hilarious dictionary of Australia's unique words and phrases

The most un-un-Australian dictionary ever created, The Strayan Dictionary is your indispensable guide to the native tongue of Warnie, Hawkie, Dame Nellie, Kylie (Minogue and Mole), Little Johnny, Barty and of course Boonie.

More bonzer than a long weekend, as respectable as an underarm delivery and as easy to understand as 'yeah-nah-nah-yeah-nah', The Strayan Dictionary is guaranteed* to be as honest as a sickie, as useful as a beer snake and as unputdownable as a stubby, * This guarantee is a furphy (also defined within)

'One wishes one had learned Strayan instead of the Queen's English. This book is bloody grouse, cobber.'
Queen Elizabeth II
'How good is The Strayan Dictionary! How good is constantly saying "how good!"'
Scott Morrison
'Reading this thing is like being flogged with warm letters.'
Paul Keating
'My quote was placed on this back cover without my knowledge.'
Gladys Liu
'I started reading The Strayan Dictionary, but I pulled out after a few pages.'
Bernard Tomic
'This book was useless. I still don't know what "xenophobic" means.'
Pauline Hanson

About the Author

Dom Knight is one of the founders of The Chaser, and as a writer on most of their projects he was definitely responsible for all of the jokes you liked and none of the bad ones. In recent years he's also presented serious programmes on ABC Radio and a silly one on Triple M. His books include Strayapedia and Trumpedia.