Succulents for Beginners

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Succulents for Beginners is the perfect introduction to this friendly and forgiving plant family. Misa Matsuyama - the bestselling author of The Gardener's Guide to Succulents - shows you how to plant and maintain the most popular varieties of succulents and cacti with reassuring advice and minimum fuss.

This book has over 200 clear, colour photos and illustrations and is absolutely packed full of all the basic information you need to keep succulents thriving, including:

A detailed month-by-month growing guide explaining all the planting and maintenance steps - everything from propagating and basic watering to repotting and group planting
A clear overview of the basic seasonal types and most popular succulent families and their particular characteristics
Which plants, tools, soils, and containers to use for the best results
Answers to frequently asked questions, giving clear, concise solutions to the most common issues encountered by beginners
A special section on how to create a healthy environment for your plants so you can enjoy them for many years to come
Inspiring and creative ways to display your succulents in different rooms and locations - indoors or outdoors

The month-by-month format and simple, yet thorough, instructions will have you referring to this handy resource again and again. Gorgeous photos and helpful tips invite you to bring more and more of these plants into your life.