Tacos Y Liquor

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Fact meets fiction in Aaron Turner's thrilling retelling of his illicit first trip to Mexico

Episode 1: The Beginnings
Tacos and Liquor – what more do you need to know? A bit more, in fairness, given that this book is a special case... being one from a Geelong-based restaurant that doesn't yet exist! This shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with our author Aaron Turner — free spirit, creative genius and the man behind local fine-diner IGNI, The Hot Chicken Project and two international-selling books of the same names.

Here Aaron winds back the clock to tell a short story based on his first illicit trip to Mexico — the mind-boggling adventure that leads him there and the ragtag bunch of miscreants he meets along the way all wrapped up together with some honest-to-goodness, downright delicious food experiences of the finest order. Blurring the boundaries of fact and fiction, this is a frontier fable unlike any other. Expect the unexpected here, oh, and that this one will definitely be worth the read.