The Art of the Cocktail

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50 cocktails inspired by famous artists, their art and their favourite tipples

Do you love art? Do you like cocktails? Then this book is perfect for you.

Shake up delicious art-inspired drinks, from the absinthe-fuelled Pablo Pisco Sour to the verdant Henry Mojito, and discover evocative cocktails that will transport you straight to Toulouse-Lautrec's Moulin Rouge, Frida Kahlo's favourite cantina, or one of Salvador Dali's surrealist dinner parties.

Filled with art anecdotes and colourful tales, this is both a whistle-stop tour through art history and an exciting way to wet your whistle.

Cocktails include the:

  • Dali Wallbanger
  • Klein Blue Moon
  • Whamm! Bamm! Pow!
  • Picasso Sour
  • Frida Kahlua
  • Rene Margarita
  • and the Hirst-inspired Shark Bite