The Battle

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Edward is anxious to start knight-school. He puts on his armour, and prepares for battle. It's sure to be terrifying with all those ogres and dragons about. But at school, Edward is befriended by an ogre who offers him some of her lunch. Edward soon realizes that maybe things aren't as bad as they first seemed. In fact, his armour was holding him back. As he learns to let his guard down, magic and fun await and Edward realizes the dragons and ogres he feared are actually just like him.

The Battle is a story that every child can relate to and teaches kids that perception is everything. If we let down our guard, put our fears aside, and allow ourselves be in the moment, sometimes magic can happen. Now available in paperback, this is the perfect companion for any child worried about starting school.

About the Author

Ashling Kwok is a children's author from Sydney and loves immersing herself in a magical world, where anything is possible.

About the Illustrator

Cara King is a designer and illustrator, who runs her own design business, Caratoons. Her previous books include: Mummy and Mumma Get Married, Scaredy Book and The Box Cars.

For Ages: 6+ years old