The Breathing Revolution

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As featured in Hello!, OM Yoga & Lifestyle, Natural Health, Healthy Living, Yoga magazine and Women's Fitness

Breathing is at the core of everything we do. Breath is life.

In this inspiring and accessible book, yoga teacher and award-winning documentary filmmaker Yolanda Barker shows us the importance of better breathing, and provides a seven-day programme of practical exercises for readers to follow. Drawing on her own experiences with anxiety and depression, the breathing practices she shares can help to ease symptoms of stress, enable us to sleep better, and calm us down during difficult situations. Grounding the information in science and her observations as a long-term yoga teacher, she also explains how these exercises work, and shines a light on the physiology of stress, and its effect on the body, mind and emotions.

Grounded in science and enriched with sensitivity, understanding and personal experience, The Breathing Revolution is an empowering guide to breathing practices that can be truly life-changing.