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Things you'll learn from issue four
How Marco Polo turned a plate of Gansu-style "twisted fish" into trofie al pesto. Why a remote county in western China celebrates an American politician by eating honeydew melons. How a comic book artist viewed the last days of a Hong Kong street market. What happens when a Beijing graffiti collective takes on rising pork prices. Thirteen ways to cook eggs. The poundage of a record-breaking rice dumpling. Why the Canadian Embassy's Beaver Liaison Officer (seriously) refers to Suzhou as "Soupzhou." How to substitute for unavailable ingredients when cooking Chinese in the West Indies (hint: think mojo criollo and caramelized brown sugar). What to feed your ancestors on Tomb Sweeping Festival.

Featured contributors
Linda Lau Anusasananan, Gabriella Zanzanaini, Taylor Holliday, Lance Crayon, Brian Evans, Jonathan Jay Lee