The Cleaver #1

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Things you learn from issue one
How to make good tea taste like old boots. What sides to serve with roast locust. The most palatable protein in the People's Liberation Army M.R.E. meal set (hint: yak jerky). Where to find the best doggone Chinese takeout in Springfield, Missouri. How a legendary cleaverman once carved a thousand oxen without losing the edge on his trusty blade. The secret to perfectly plump Hakka rice dumplings. The difference between homestyle sesame paste and the cheap slop they serve in restaurants. Two sides of an intractable dispute at the heart of Dragon Boat Festival: sweet or savory zongzi? How to turn a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon into medicinal Sichuanese lager.

Featured contributors
Carolyn Phillips, Lichia Liu, Scott Seligman, Nick Otto