The Day a Triceratops Turned Up

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Age range: 3+

As the sun rose over the veggie gardens, something whooshed and stirred. Through corn and kale and lettuce beds, a rumbling sound was heard ...

When the local kids find a Triceratops snoozing in the community garden, they're quick to welcome their new friend to the neighbourhood. Before long, Toot the Triceratops is riding a bike, mixing guacamole, dressing up in costumes and saving soccer goals. They couldn't feel more at home!

A warm, uplifting celebration of the power of community and the magic of friendship perfect for readers aged 3 and up. Woven through the story are a range of engaging, accessible activities that young readers can try out for themselves alongside Toot, from mixing up a bowl of delicious guacamole to crafting a display of beautiful paper wings.