The Egg Book

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Learn about the remarkable beginnings of life with this adorable book of baby animals hatching from their eggs.

Find out all about how eggs hatch step by step in this fascinating baby animal book for children. Many animals start life inside eggs and this book explores these magical capsules in detail, with stunning photographs of the moment the creatures emerge.

Featuring more than 20 animals - including a penguin, a tortoise, and even a slug - this book documents the moment of hatching in detail. Children aged 5-7 can learn how birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and invertebrates hatch from their eggs, as well as what happens inside an egg's shell.

This captivating animal book for children features:

- A step-by-step account of different types of animals hatching, as well as what an egg is, which animals have eggs, and what is inside an egg.
- Introductory pages that explain which animals have eggs and how they work.
- Large, detailed photographs show eggs hatching almost in real time.
- A wide range of animals, from birds to amphibians and insects.

With expert information, jaw-dropping photography, and a beautifully shiny foil finish, The Egg Book is the ideal gift for any child with a love of nature and baby animals. Children will love to see the biggest egg in the world hatching, find out which animals have jellylike eggs, and which animals' egg cases are known as "mermaids' purses".