The Great Barrier Thief

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This story pictures the impacts of coral bleaching on the reef caused by human-induced climate change and it also illustrates a number of other challenges impacting the health of the Great Barrier Reef from coastal pollution, overfishing, marine debris and invasive species (such as the Crown-of-thorns starfish).

Anthia's journey through the Great Barrier Reef also draws attention to the beauty and diversity of the worlds largest living structure with many wonderful underwater characters to 'sea'. You will need to dive into the story to find out how Anthia and her friends find The Great Barrier THIEF and bring the colours back to their underwater home.In her words:

"Did you know the coral colours are a warning sign? A global reef alarm?

We all need to do what we can to keep it safe from harm".

Through the art of marine science this story will help children to become aware of the impacts of climate change and coral bleaching on our reefs, along with everyday solutions to help 'cool' things down -- as we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions right away. Education and awareness through storytelling is a powerful way of engaging with children and their readers (eg. teachers, parents, grandparents, family, friends etc) as only through positive storytelling with solutions can we hope to change behaviours. Based on the latest marine science the last page of the story is dedicated to the science of coral bleaching caused by climate change, which is explained in terms early readers can understand and teachers can use as part of their classroom discussions and learning activities.