The Ketamine Breakthrough

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In this book, best-selling author Dr. Mike Dow and Field Trip co-founder and executive chairman Ronan Levy provide a broad overview of where ketamine-assisted psychotherapy came from, how it works, who it works for, and what to expect. This book will outline key moments in scientific history that have paved the way for KAP's future, and go through its specific protocol for both practitioners and patients.

This book contains hope for those diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression, plagued by trauma and frozen by fears. Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy has also proven effective for people with drug, alcohol, and behavioral addictions, existential depression, grief, and just feeling stuck. People with unresolved resentments, anger, and the everyday anxieties of modern life will also benefit. Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy has been enormously helpful with couples, groups, and veterans, which will be addressed in the book as well.

This is the go-to manual for therapists and anyone considering or undergoing KAP treatment.