The Loudest Guest

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Fear is designed to paralyse us, to keep us safe from the risk of rejection and failure. But change and growth are often on the other side of such risk, how are we to get there if fear is so controlling!

The loudest guest, explored in this fascinating new book, is fear. Author and psychologist, Dr Amy Silver, believes that if you reduce the control that fear has on you, you take back control of your life. Fear is merely a guest in your mind, albeit a noisy one, and you are the host.

This book is for you if you:
-are prone to worrying, being hesitant or overly concerned with something

-desire to do something new but worry you feel you couldn't, shouldn't or that you would fail

-talk yourself down either out loud or in your head

-feel that there must be more to do or feel, but you seem to get in your way from really 'letting go' into your life

-are too "in your head", full of doubt, regret or indecision about what the 'right' thing to do is

-spend too much time thinking about what people think of you

-want to explore how much fear is controlling your choices in life

-would like to say more about what you are feeling to create deeper trust or connection

In-this-easy-to-read, practical book you will learn the six essential steps to reduce the power of your fear voice and create a more powerful you.