The Twelve Dancing Princesses

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The king has a problem. His twelve daughters wake up every morning with their slippers in rags and tatters. Where are they going? The palace is guarded to the hilt, and the shoemakers are exhausted. The king has promised his kingdom to anyone who can solve the mystery in three days and three nights. Prince after prince fails, then a dishevelled soldier arrives at the palace door. Will he succeed? Miss Clara's dazzling artwork takes the twelve princesses waltzing across the pages of this classic fairy tale.

AGES: 4-8

AUTHOR: Mary Hoffman lives just outside of Oxford, UK where she writes in a room with big French windows looking out onto her garden. Her first book was published in 1975 and since then, she has written over ninety books for children and teenagers, including the picture book "Amazing Grace, the Stravaganza" series of fantasy novels and a number of historical novels, including "The Falconer's Knot" and Troubadour. "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" is one of her favourite fairy tales.

Miss Clara is a French artist with a great following among readers of fairy tales. Her illustrations start with tiny and intricately detailed paper maquettes of princesses, elves, wolves and enchanted scenes, which she photographs and completes digitally. She has also illustrated "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" and "The Princess and the Pea" for Barefoot Books. Miss Clara lives in Bordeaux, France.