The Work

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'This novel isn't just good; it's superb. Assured, and powerful, and intelligent, and very, VERY hard to put down. I consumed it in a passion.' - Annabel Crabb

'Smart, witty and super steamy, The Work oozes intelligence and pulses with energy. I devoured it!' - Emily Maguire

'A completely exhilarating, powerful, mesmerising novel, filled with ALL my favourite things: sex, art and New York City.' - Jessie Tu

'A glamorous and dirty capitalist fever dream ... complex, opulent and horny.' - Ella Baxter

'Caoilinn Hughes' The Orchid and the Wasp meets Andrew Lipstein's Last Resort. A smart, sexy page-turner.' - Madeleine Gray

'Work, power, passion, intimacy and vulnerabilities collide, and best of all, SMUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' - Flex Mami

'A brilliant meditation on the gap between the person we wish to be and who we actually are. I was completely gripped.' - Bridie Jabour

'An ambitious and meticulously modern fable about art, sex, money, power and the perils of self-curation.' - Gina Rushton

'Pacy, racy and high-octane, The Work delves into the volatile world of contemporary art, forcefully exposing it as a bedfellow to the world of high finance.' - Caoilinn Hughes

Lally has invested everything into her gallery in Manhattan and the sacrifices are finally paying off. Pat is a scholarship boy desperate to establish himself in Sydney's antiquities scene. When they meet at New York's Armory Show their chemistry is instant - fighting about art and politics is just foreplay.

With an ocean between them they try to get back to work, but they're each struggling to balance money and ambition with the love of art that first drew them to their strange industry. Lally is a kingmaker, bringing exciting new talent to the world, so what's the problem if it's also making her rich? Pat can barely pay his rent and he isn't sure if he's taking advantage of his clients or if they are taking advantage of him, and which would be worse? Their international affair ebbs and flows like the market, while their aspirations and insecurities are driving them both towards career-ending mistakes.

If love costs and art takes, what price do we pay for wanting it all? The Work is about the biggest intersections of life: of art and commerce, of intimacy and distance, of talent and entitlement, and of labour and privilege. Dazzling, funny and unforgettable, it is an epic and forensic exploration of modern love and passion, politics and power. The Work announces a brilliant new voice in Australian fiction.