Thirty Six Ocean Animals Puzzle

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Under the sea, there's so much to see.

  • Dive beneath the waves and see the abundance of sea life to discover.
  • Learn about the animals from the animal finder sheet included.
  • A challenging but fun puzzle for the inquisitive mind.
  • Encourage language and conversation as you piece together the puzzle and explore all that's to see.
  • Puzzle measures approx. 48cm H x 35.5cm W
  • Suitable for ages 5+

 This 100 piece floor puzzle is challenging and fun for kids to learn the different species of animals that inhabit our world. Each puzzle creates a learning environment that includes 36 different animals and a chart which lists each animals name in multiple languages. Suitable for ages 5+ Puzzle is 48cm H x 35.5cm W

What's in the box

  • 100 puzzle pieces
  • Animal finder sheet 

Learning Outcomes

  • Creative & Critical Thinking
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Imagination