Tie Luo Han - Iron Monk

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Tie Luo Han is bold with a well-balanced traditional charcoal roast and smooth body that carries a long lasting sweetness. It has a complex character with a woodsy undertone, unique floral bouquet that finishes with stone fruit and cucumber notes. 

When we first sampled this a couple of years ago we were impressed by it’s bold and complex body and long lingering finish. Despite it’s blunt upfront impressions it is this special character that makes this a delicious tea perfectly shared with friends.

We have been holding this batch of 2018 Tie Luo Han. It has mellowed beautifully and we consider that it is well balanced for enjoyment now.

Tie Luo Han is one of the most four famous and oldest of the Wu Yi oolongs. Compared to other cultivars it is renowned for its strong body.

Origin: Tian You Peak, Wuyi Shan, Fujian, China 

Flavour profile: Bold | Woodsy | Floral

Processing highlights: The leaves undergo outdoor withering and are oxidised to around 60%. This tea is traditionally roasted over charcoal 4 times resulting in a higher than medium baking level.

Harvest: 10.5.2018

Cultivar: Tie Luo Han

Plucking standard: hand picked 3-4 open leaves

Tea Master: Chen family