Tiny Possum and the Migrating Moths

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High in the Australian Alps, Possum faces the challenges of finding enough food and shelter to survive the harsh alpine winter. She will spend months hibernating under a blanket of snow. Will she last through the year to successfully raise a new family?

The Mountain Pygmy-possum is a unique endangered species that's small in size but huge in appeal! Once thought to be extinct, there are now fewer than 2500 of these tiny survivors in the wild. They need snow and Bogong Moths to survive, and also support through great conservation work.

Tiny Possum and the Migrating Moths is a lyrical adventure from former zoologist Julie Murphy and beautifully illustrated by Ben Clifford, which is perfect for primary-aged readers.


Reveals the relationship between the mountain pygmy-possum and the bogong moth, which is an essential food source.
Inspires young readers to tackle the challenges of biodiversity loss, habitat loss and climate change.
Written by a former zoologist and zookeeper, and author of almost 20 books published in Australia and internationally.
Includes links to further learning and an online citizen-science activity.
Links in to Zoos Victoria campaigns to turn off lights so bogong moths can return to alpine region.