Too Many Ducks

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What do you do when your life is overrun by ducks and everything gets to be just a little too much? Find out in this beautifully illustrated story about a boy and his newfound flock of aquatic friends.

One morning, Alexander wakes to find a duck waiting for him. As more ducks arrive, Alexander's life overflows with fun and affection. All of a sudden, he has friends to eat breakfast with, play games with, and sit on the bus to school with.

However, as his new feathered friends fill the house, it becomes clear there are TOO MANY DUCKS for one small boy to handle. There's no breakfast left for Alexander, and he can't buy bus tickets for all of these ducks! But how will Alexander get them to leave? And what will he do when he realises how much he misses them?

Too Many Ducks is a warm and whimsical tale about appreciating what you have before it's gone, and working out how to make things right when friendship seems lost.