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Pizza. Drinks. Tunes.
Every town in the world needs a great pizza joint and lucky Woy Woy’s only gone and hit the neon-clad jackpot with Tropicana Pizza Pizza – a sexy little number slinging out slices of overnight-fermented dough with toppings every bit as colourful as the 80s and 90s tunes they pump out into the warm night’s sky. Yup, fun and sunshine’s very much the order of the day here, and while The Tropicana – with double smoked ham, shaved pineapple and pickled jalapenos – might not convert those fusty Neapolitan cornicione purists, no-one here gives a stuff and nor should you – in the kisser, this is food at its honest-to-goodness, no-bullshit best. The place may be closed due to the ’Rona, but that’s no reason not to grab yourself a copy of this book and get in on the pizza party of 2020. Don’t. Miss. Out.