Vibrant Watercolor: A Creative and Colorful Exploration into the Art of Watercolor Painting

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Welcome to the wonderful world of watercolor! Paint with Me: Vibrant Watercolor introduces beginning artists to the vibrant artwork of Geethu Chandramohan, the artist behind the popular Instagram account @colourfulmystique.
The projects are presented step by step, with Geethu's beautiful, bright artwork and photography accompanying each step. You will explore a variety of subjects in watercolor, such as:
Water in different forms
And much more.

As you create stunning images in watercolor, discover how to use painting as a tool for mindfulness, guided by the author's own tips for remaining calm and present.
Along the way, you will learn about:
Tools and materials, including the best watercolor paints and papers to work with
Watercolor painting techniques, such as wet-into-wet, wet-on-dry, and blending
Color theory and color mixing
Plein air painting
And much more
Complex-sounding subjects are presented simply and encouragingly in a book that's perfect for beginners as well as more experienced watercolorists looking for a contemporary, vibrant style of artwork.
Paint with Me: Vibrant Watercolor introduces you to the colorful world of watercolor in a fun, easy way.
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