Visualising Nature

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Starting with Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay "Nature," Visualizing Nature
brings together contemporary visionaries to share deeply personal
essays on nature, ecology, sustainability, climate change, philosophy,
and more. Compiled by editor and poet Stuart Kestenbaum, the
contributors represent a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, each
honoring nature's power to heal, inspire, guide, amaze, and strengthen.

Activist Maulian Dana of the Penobscot Nation writes on the intertwining
relationship of motherhood and Mother Earth. Biology professor David
Haskell tells the story of the resilient Bristlecone pine trees, living
to be as old as 2,100 years. Iranian scholar Alireza Taghdarreh speaks
to her experience of translating Emerson's "Nature" into Farsi. A
previously unpublished 1962 speech by Rachel Carson complements the
collection of more than twenty essays, each inviting the reader into a
quiet space of reflection with the opportunity to think deeply about how
they relate to the natural world.