Wa- The Art of Balance

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Wa means harmony, a central tenet at the heart of the Japanese belief that to live well is to live in balance. In this book, wellness expert Kaki Okumura shares the practices and psychology behind Wa and the Japanese health secrets that allow anyone, at any point in their life, to improve and sustain their health. Her method to bring Wa into your life is based on 4 pillars: Nourish, Move, Rest, Socialize.

This is a holistic solution to gaining vitality in all aspects of life. Rather than enforcing restrictions or relying on willpower, the pillars are gentle, timeless, and easy to adopt, ensuring that improvements to your health and wellbeing are long-term and effort less.

This book will revolutionize how you care for yourself and lead to greater peace, fulfillment and, ultimately, contentment.