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Penguins. We love them.

They are instantly recognizable. Seemingly upright caricatures of us, it is easy to bond with these black and white 'little people'. They have become perennial favourites of cartoonists, because they are fun. Comical. They put a smile on our faces.

Of course, real penguins are a lot more than just funny. They are tough. Penguins are the world's only '100-degree birds', breeding in environments from -60 DegreesC to +40 DegreesC (-76 DegreesF to 104 DegreesF). They can dive to great depths and exist for long periods in water so cold that it would kill us within minutes.

They have all the grace and agility of ballet dancers in water, but it is the way they comport themselves on land that so endears them to us: they waddle. This compilation of quotations about penguins - each quote accompanied by gorgeous photography - keeps the focus on fun.

You can dip in and out of the book at your leisure, but also read it from cover to cover for some added pleasure. The intention of Waddle is to put a grin on your face and a warm feeling in your heart - all thanks to these delightful creatures that don't just walk, but waddle.