Waste Not

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The average American household throws away more than $1500 worth of food every year in scraps, ends, and other "unusable" ingredients. Waste Not – the first book on full-use cooking that covers all types of food – shows readers how to turn what often ends up in the trash into delicious meals. Curated by the James Beard Foundation, America's leading organisation for culinary innovation, the book features 100 original recipes and tips from top chefs around the country that transform often overlooked ingredients into innovative, flavourful meals.

There are no better ambassadors to inspire people to reduce food waste than chefs such as Sean Brock, Seamus Mullen, Katie Button, Bill Telepan, and Mike Isabella. Nobody has more ideas for how to stretch dollars into thrifty, delicious dishes. In Waste Not, these chefs and dozens of others share recipes for meat, fish, and vegetable dishes that makes use of every last leaf, rind, scrap, and bone, as well as baked goods, condiments, drinks, and desserts. Alongside recipes such as squash seed tahini, pickled watermelon rind, chicken-saffron arancini, and lobster Bolognese are the chefs' tips and tricks to help home cooks get maximum mileage – and flavour – from the food they buy.