Watercolour Meets Hand Lettering

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Paint beautiful geometric, floral and animal designs. The trendy duo: watercolour & hand lettering. The trendy combination of sayings, light motifs, and elements in a watercolour look. This is a book of several blogger projects. The bloggers show their watercolour projects and the connection of watercolour paints, brush pen, and fineliner.

With many step-by-step instructions for watercolour motifs, it is the perfect way to get to know the world of flowing colours. The basics of watercolour painting such as glaze, wash, and wet on wet are explained right at the beginning. The project book for beautiful watercolour letterings.


Christin Stapff Madchenkunst discovered hand lettering on Instagram in 2015, and it was love at first click. Since then, her passion is the brush lettering with watercolour painting.