Weather Any Storm

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A playful rhyming meditation story to help kids ages 4-8 be the captain of their own ship and navigate emotional highs and lows.

Learn to breathe through storms of emotions in this nautical meditation adventure.

Whether you're grouchy or grumpy, gloomy or grey,
the Wildering Billies cannot get their way.
They yell and they shout and they cry and they weep
but your breath holds you steady way down in the deep.

When sailing through the open seas of life, the waters are not always calm. From out of nowhere waves of stress, worry, and anxiety known as Wildering Billies can rock our boat. Step by step, this story shows us how to calm the dreaded and colorful Wildering Billies, and send them on their way. By imagining yourself as a ship, anchored by your breath, you can learn to ride through the storms of life to smoother waters.

Inspired by Zuisei's years of Zen practice and working with kids, she has created this delightful introduction to the world of meditation. The book ends with a helpful recap of concrete steps such as stop, imagine, breathe, and anchor, so kids can remember how to tame the Billies whenever emotions are overwhelming.