Welcome Little Scrub Fowl

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I hear the Scrubfowl calling in the night, it sounds like warbley singing. 'They're courting, ' my Mum tells me. I wonder what their court looks like? Are they king and queen of our garden?

Welcome little Scrubfowl is a celebration of the adaptability of one species in an urban environment.

AUTHOR: Sandra Kendell is an artist, illustrator and author who lives in Darwin with her family in a house on legs. They share their yard with all manner of wildlife, including of course the Orange Footed Scrubfowl. Her work reveals an abiding fascination for the natural world and the effects of human actions within it .

The story has a couple of themes, it's about urban wildlife but the bird is unfamiliar to most people except those living in the tropics so for the southern reader there is that element of the exotic.

The story also plays with the idea of being without parents. The little Scrubfowl has to make its own way in the world, and kids are fascinated by this idea. 

An information page at the back of the book will give the reader more understanding of the Scrubfowl and possibly lead to further research.

Suitable for both preschool and primary aged children.