Alyce Alexandra: Super Healthy

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This book is all about simple, nourishing meals made in the Thermomix using fresh, wholesome ingredients, designed for you to look and feel super healthy. 56 easy recipes, each with a full-colour photograph to guide and inspire, tried, tested and tasted by the alyce alexandra team. Full nutritional profile provided for each recipe as well as variations provided for different eating preferences.

bragging rights:
• Recipes that not just taste great, but also keep you looking and feeling great long after the last bite
• Nutritional guide for every recipe – including grams of protein, carbs, fat and fibre per serve
• Emphasis on increasing your fruit and particularly vegetable consumption — unanimously considered the cornerstone to good health. This book will show you exciting and diverse ways to work with all sorts of superfoods, straight from Mother Nature
• Diverse recipes the whole family will love - whether it’s whipping up a creamy banana thickshake, a rich beef osso bucco, or some moreish cinnamon muffins
• Learn how to naturally eliminate the bad stuff from your diet by simply learning how fantastic all the good stuff can be - you’ll see that with simple cheeky swaps, your risotto can transform from heavy to healthy, and your chocolate mousse will improve from rich and delicious to rich, delicious and nutritious!
• Easy-to-follow recipes and formatting will make almost everything a quick-fix
• Coding for gluten free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian recipes
• Includes a comprehensive run down on how to start healthifying your life before you even get into the kitchen with our guide to getting healthy
• List of recommended superfoods will help you get to know the things you really want to be adding to your diet and why, and where to find them

highlight recipes:
• Gluten-free toasted muesli (so moreish!)
• Brown rice risotto (it’s easy with the right recipe!)
• Green lemonade (tastes too good to be healthy)
• Fish burritos (easy weeknight meal)
• Raw chocolate (the thermomix makes it super simple)
• Paleo bread (grain free and full of veggies!)