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Discover the incredible uses of 40 home-grown and foraged ingredients as the Two Thirsty Gardeners guide you through their original brew-it-yourself recipes. Wild Tea presents easy-to-follow recipes that teach readers how to collect naturally sourced ingredients - including berries, roots, seeds, leaves and flowers - for brewing their own blends and special infusions, from classic night-time and detox teas, to chai latte and Moroccan mint to specialist Korean barley tea, bubble tea and even dandelion coffee.

There is also a 'best of the rest' section with more unique ingredients that can be used for drinks, such as ginger, cinnamon, pomegranate, orange and valerian. Whether you are a gardener, cook or crafter, Wild Tea is the perfect guide to allow you to take your health and wellness into your own garden and create specialized brews at home.