With A Dog's Love

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Every dog that is loved and cared for makes a difference to our lives. Dogs want to be with us and to please us. They make good mates. They make us laugh. They keep us healthy by getting us outdoors to walk or play with them. They supply endless cuddles. Their love is unconditional, and they never judge us. They ask for little in return: kindness, a comfy bed, exercise, and regular meals. And love. With a dog at your side, you have an amazing friend.

But some dogs do a little bit more. They aren't always dogs who make the front-page news with heroics. Instead, they quietly go about their lives, willingly doing their best to help humans in a way they have been trained to do and want to do. As the saying goes, 'we do for them and they do for us'. A perfect partnership.

From dogs that help one person to lead a life that may not have been possible, through to dogs that touch the lives of many, the dogs in this book are the quiet heroes.